Why Choose Mauritius?

Located in a strategic position in the Indian Ocean, connecting Asia, Africa and Australia, Mauritius is the converging point of global civilisations. The island is an ideal place to live, far from war, political upheaval, famine and recession and is surrounded by sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise lagoons and spectacular coral reefs.

Mauritius is a politically stable country with sustainable economic growth; a business friendly African country where investors are protected by established rule of law. It is endowed with a skilled and dedicated work force. Mauritius has a strong economy, which was not severely affected by the global crisis. Its sustainable growth rate over several years has made Mauritius a very attractive and reliable country for foreign investors. The main industries are Offshore Banking, Textiles, Tourism, and Information Technology among others, reflecting a successful diversification since sugar production was the only pillar of its economy in the past.

Mauritius is influenced by African, Asian and European cultures. It is a peaceful, multi-ethnic country with a blend of cultures, and the majority of the population are multilingual as they speak Mauritian Creole, English, French, and Asian languages. The island's government is closely modelled on the Westminster parliamentary system, and amongst African countries Mauritius is ranked highly for its democracy and its economic and political freedom. Mauritius is well known for its variety of flora and fauna, with many species endemic to the island. The island is particularly famous as the land where dodo became extinct after Mauritius was discovered and colonised.